This Converter is not only a case converter but also Slug Maker, HTML List Generator, HTML Link Generator, etc. These are totally Free.

We are always following how to save time. So, we’ve included some advanced features in this application. For Example, checked a converter Slug Maker / Slug Converter then just paste your content on the text area and that will automatically convert the content. If you also checked “automatic-copy” automatic-copy the converted value will automatically copy.

About Case Converter

Case converter is helping to make formatted text/case. For Example, you have some text which is UPPERCASE version and you want to make it lowercase so this will help you to solve the problem. There is some converter we have made, like lowercase converter, UPPERCASE converter, Capitalize Converter, Title Case Converter, Merge Text, etc.

About Slug Converter

This converter helps to make a web slug. Please check below the screenshot:

slug converter / link converter

About HTML link Converter / Generator

For Example, you have huge links you want to add that link on your website but you can’t able to add links at once. So This converter helps you to solve the problem & save your time. For better understanding please check below the image:

HTML Link Generator

About HTML List Generator

For Example, You Have some content and want to make to HTML list so this converter will help you. For better understanding please check below the image:

HTML List Generator / Converter